“Olivka” Cosmetics Series

The Olivka cosmetics series is the cosmetics series by PhysisCare, based on the Greek Organic Olive Oiland natural ingredients’ extracts with beneficial properties for face, body and hair. In the “Olivka” series, we have combined the Organic Olive Oil with the appropriate natural, active ingredients for every spot of your body, so that you can have all nature – benefits in ONE cosmetics series. “Olivka”  is made in Greece, under strict quality – standards, according to the European Law and regulationsAll “Olivka” products are distributed in packaging material of high aesthetics and quality and they intend to be a bijou for your home and a wonderful gift for your beloved ones. 

Why Olive – Oil?

The Olive – oil, an authentic product of the Greek Land, has been well known since ancient times for its cosmetic properties. You can find references in Homer, Aristophanes and elsewhere that women in Ancient Greece used to apply Olive – Oil directly on hair and body to give them both shine and health. Hippocrates, father of medicine, called Olive – Oil “the great therapeutic” and used it to cure skin diseases.

In the following years, through scientific research, there was proved the wisdom hidden in using Olive – Oil as cosmetic. The vitamins A, E, D and numerous anti oxidants, contained in abundance in Olive Oil, have beneficial properties for skin, hair and nail. Especially Vitamin E is so called “the vitamin of Beauty”, thanks to its anti aging action. It is a powerful antioxidant and also prevents skin from losing water and, therefore, protects from dryness and gives skin hydration.